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Who is the author of the Grégoire application?

This program has been written by a Benedictine monk, for internal use in his monastery. On request of many PC-users it was decided to allow anyone interested to take advantage of this software.


What does the program Grégoire cost ?

Developing the program was a considerable amount of work. To give you an impression: the complete application is compiled from over 45000 lines of code (almost 700 pages!). You might expect that such a program is sold for a very high price… but that's not the case! The program has been developed and deployed in a spirit of charity, and it will remain available along the same line, contributing to the dissemination of the vast patrimony of Gregorian chant. Today we consider it abnormal that a regular user would not make any contribution. Therefore we ask you, after you've tried the program for one month and when you wish to continue using it, to donate a minimum amount of €50 (about $50 or £35) to a charitable institution of your choice.

Why should I register ?

You'll find the answer to this good question here !

Why does Grégoire not offer elaborated layout facilities ?

On the Layout page elsewhere on this site you'll find the answer.


But how should I integrate a staff in a text document ?

On the Export page elsewhere on this site you can read how to achieve this using the program itself!