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But how should I integrate a staff in a text document?

Once the staff is complete you only have to click the button in order to create a picture file of the staff. Next you can use your text editor to import this file and to insert the picture anywhere you like. Generally you'll find the possibility to insert a picture under the Insert menu or as an Include option under the File menu.

The program is also capable of sending the staves of the active document directly to an MS-Word™ document. You activate this option by clicking the button. As a result a small window will open that allows you to specify several options. Next the text document is opened and the staff pictures will be inserted one by one.

Example :

In the example below (taken from the exercise in the program documentation) we have inserted two staves and added one opening capital in an MS-Word™ document. Because screen resolution is limited, the quality of the printed document will certainly exceed that of the one shown here.