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We mentioned above that page layout has not been implemented in this application, but that instead the facilities of a text handling or publishing program should be used (e.g. MS Word™, WordPerfect™, StarOffice™, InDesign™, etc.). You will undoubtedly wonder why and how.

Why does Grégoire not contain fully developed layout facilities?

We have been very busy with inventing solutions for all the problems in the software about writing and placement of text, notes, neumes etc. At that time it seemed best to leave the complicated layout work to programs like text editors that are already suited for that job. Later it seemed inappropriate to invent a tool that already existed. So we finally decided to delimit our program *to an instrument to quickly and efficiently create partitions. From a partition the program creates a high resolution picture that you can easily include in your text handler.

The advantage is that there is no need for you to change your page-setting habits, neither you should reckon with different document types, print types, etc.