Overview  Design

Grégoire is an application for editing partitions
for Gregorian chant.

Program operation is very close to that of a vector drawing package, specific knowledge is not required for using it. Its very intuitive design enables easy access for anyone who is acquainted with computer programs.

In order to make a partition you use the mouse for moving predefined objects like neumes to their right place in a staff. Next you enter the associated word or syllable. The program automatically optimizes the space between words and between notes (called "crénage" in French). There is no need to worry about the distance between notes or syllables yourself.

After having created a partition you can :

  • Print the document,
  • Copy a staff to the Windows clipboard,
  • Export a staff to a file in either bitmap (bmp) or vector (wmf or emf) format. You can integrate the saved picture in a text document under preparation.,
  • Directly export to MS-Word.